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A little bit about us

Here at Unity Expeditions, we understand that your four-wheel drive vehicle is more than family transport or the work truck; it's your passport to some of the most remote and exciting places in the world. In a world full of bland and unremarkable vehicles, you've chosen to take the path least followed, the unmade road, to navigate your own way through an increasingly homogenised world.

We would like to invite you on an overland expedition of a life time, lasting over two weeks, travelling through Morocco and The Sahara Desert.

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From the four-wheeling mecca that is Utah, through to the untamed majesty of The Sahara Desert, your new Jeep, Ram or Arctic Truck is the perfect vehicle for overland travel and joining us on our Unity Expeditions.

Expedition Planning


We understand that you’re busy, too. That your time is precious. Expedition planning is a time-consuming job if it’s to be done properly, and you’ve got better things to do with your spare time. Which is why we have crafted a range of bespoke overland expeditions designed especially for you to test the full range of your vehicle’s capabilities in the environments it was designed to navigate.



Our guides have been hand-picked to ensure that you have the very best possible overland expedition, and they’re happy to offer advice and tuition in driving in extreme environments, recovery if you get stuck, or just a cup of tea around the camp fire at the end of a long day.

Feel free to browse through our Meet The Team page and get to know a little bit about our guides.

Adventure At Ease


You will arrive at the end of a testing but fulfilling day to find that everything is ready and waiting for you; if we're wild camping then your tent will have been erected, and if you're checking into a hotel, your key will be waiting, subject to form filling.

Our Aim


Our aim is to make your overland Unity expeditions as memorable as possible, which is why we take all the hard work out of it, leaving you and your co-driver free to relax and enjoy the majesty of the locations. Please feel free to navigate the website and choose the options that best suits your needs, or contact us direct to discuss it. 

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