A Typical Day

While each day will be different, a typical day where we wild camp in the desert will comprise:


· Rise with the sun, which is rarely earlier than 8 o’clock. You’ll find that you quickly get used to rising as nature intended, but if you do wake earlier then the other guests will appreciate it if you could keep the noise to a minimum

· Breakfast will be something simple like cereals plus fresh coffee or tea. There will usually be a hot option too, like freshly made waffles with maple syrup, pancakes, or bacon sandwiches. We will cook this for you, but if you have brought your own stove, feel free to make your own hot drink.

· We will aim to break camp at about half-past nine or so. Your tents will be taken down for you, although any help you want to give will be gratefully received!

· We will drive for 3-4 hours before breaking for lunch. Sometimes, we may stop earlier or later, or might even squeeze in a tea stop, usually when another stunning photo opportunity arrises

· You’ll keep in touch with us, and your fellow travellers, using hand-held radios

· You will want to make sure that you have enough water to drink, so please don’t forget to top up your water bottles so you have plenty in the car to keep you going between stops. Ensure the vehicle has 20L reserved drinking water

· Lunch will usually be bread and cheese or cold meats, plus a snack and a hot drink. Most people enjoy sneaking off a little way and brewing their own drink in the wilderness and making their own sandwiches, but we’re happy to do this for you if you’d rather not

· We will always try and stop before it gets dark, but this can’t always be guaranteed

· If we are wild camping, then we will try to have your tent be erected for you by the time you arrive

· If we are in the desert, supper will be cooked for you and eaten around a real fire. It may comprise something like a leg of goat, cooked on the fire and served with a Béarnaise sauce, baked potatoes and salad. There will usually be a pudding, it might just be tinned fruit, a chocolate cake, or something similar. But, don’t worry; when we eat out at restaurants, you’ll be eating very well indeed!

· If we are in a hotel, we will meet in the bar for a drink before dinner

Every wild camp will have a 2 toilet tens. The toilet will be of the composting kind, and so is more primitive than you are probably used to. If you prefer, you can always walk out into the desert and dig a hole to use. If you do this, please use composting wet wipes and toilet paper, and be sure to bury it at least 12”/30cms deep.

Or, if you ask nicely, we’ll let you use our Top Gear-style bumper dumper…


Are you ready to start your adventure?