Fly & Drive

If you would like to maximise your time in Morocco and minimise your time travelling there, then our ‘Fly and Drive’ option has been especially tailored for you.

You’ll fly into Agadir Airport, where you will be met by one of our team in an expedition-equipped four-wheel-drive vehicle. Your luggage will be transported with you and you will be taken straight out into the countryside where your expedition will begin! 

After meeting up with the rest of the crew and any other travellers that have driven down from the United Kingdom, we will overnight in a hotel before heading out into the desert the following morning.

The Sahara Desert is unimaginably vast, straddling ten countries and almost a third of the African continent. Its precise size is open to debate, but most agree it covers a size roughly equal to that of the United States of America.

And it’s going to be our playground for the next few days.

Although ergs, or the sort of high sand dunes that most people think of when they think of the Sahara Desert, are rare, the Sahara is far from being a featureless expanse of wind-sculpted sand. What there is - and a lot of it at that - rocky hamada, the sand having been blown away long ago. 

Hamada varies from smooth and fast, to rutted and slow. Interspersed throughout the hamada are dried up river beds, which usually take some navigating. This is when our experienced guides come in, to lead you carefully through them without unduly risking your vehicle; we want you to have fun - and you should be able to have plenty of that without damaging anything vital.


Of course, no trip to the Sahara would be complete without driving across mile after mile of sand dune, and there will be plenty of opportunity for you to hone your skills on some of the most remote dunes in the country. (You’ll almost certainly become well-skilled at digging your vehicle out too, but that’s all part of the fun…)

Our itinerary might vary, but we will try and ensure that it reflects the example shown as carefully as we can; we know that this might be a holiday of a lifetime for you and we are keen to make sure that you go away delighted with what you’ve achieved. You’ll keep in touch with us, and your fellow guides, using hand-held radios.

Our daily routine may vary, but you’ll experience a wide variety of accommodation from modern, Western-style hotels with fine dining in the evening, through to small, intimate hotels that are owned and run by Moroccan families and are charming in their simplicity and friendliness. 

The highlight for many guests though, are the nights that we wild camp in the desert. We will be miles from civilisation and any light pollution, so you’ll be able to wander off into the desert to enjoy the most magnificent view of The Milky Way you’ve ever seen.

The food in the desert will be as simple as the toilet facilities, but that simplicity, isolated from the influence and effects of others, enables you to reset, to recharge, and to settle into the gentle rhythms of the desert.

You’ll arrive at Marrakesh Airport in plenty of time for your flight home. Alternatively, you might like to extend your stay in Marrakesh for a few days to enjoy all that this stunning, vibrant and ancient city has to offer! 

Are you ready to start your adventure?