Drive Your Own Vehicle - Itinerary

  Whilst any itinerary is going to be subject to alterations to take into account local conditions, the weather, and other factors outside of our control, the following will give you a guide as to what we will be doing and when.

This is for a three-week trip, assuming direct travel from the United Kingdom to Southern Spain, which will be our starting point for the overland moroccan expedition. 

The passage will start from Tarifa in Southern Spain, and we will have two weeks in Morocco, which is plenty to allow you to see the country in a way that the average tourist would never be able to. 

Week 1

Day 1

· We’ll take a morning Ferry from Algeciras into Tangier-Med Port

· On arrival in Morocco and customs cleared, a gentle afternoon drive to a hotel on the Atlantic Coast, between Rabat and Casablanca

Day 2

· Travel south through Morocco, towards an over night hotel south of Tiznit.

Our overnight stop will vary depending on tomorrow’s tide times! 

Day 3

· Drive to Echatea El Abied and enter Plage Blanche 

· We will pass along the beach and leave into the dunes towards military forts, and a wild camp overnight. 

Because we will only travel Plage Blanche near low tide than high, our exact overnight location will depend on the time of the tides and the time we entered Plage Blanche

Day 4

· Travel off-road towards Guelmin and the hot springs there

After an opportunity to bathe, we’ll wild camp overnight

Day 5

· Guelmin, driving off-road towards Tata

· Stay overnight at Hotel Relais Des Sables

Day 6 

· Leaving the hotel, we’ll drive a short distance on tarmac, before driving off piste in an Easterly direction.

We will wild camp overnight in desert dunes, and begin to take in the beauty of the Saharan Sky

Day 7

·  We will continue to travel off-road, cross the dried Lac Iriki, and traverse the dunes of Chigaga to reach our overnight destination

· We will stay overnight at the Kasbah Hotel Sahara Sky, complete with its own star gazing observatory, at Tamegroute. We will ensure the day is not a long one and we arrive fresh, the opportunity to spend an hour or more of in depth cosmology with Fritz Gerd Koring, the Patron, is not to be missed.


Week 2

Day 8

· After a leisurely start, we will continue our journey East. Having climbed mountain passes, we will end the day in a natural bowl in the dunes and wild camp, 

Day 9

· We will continue in the soft sand towards Erg Chebbhi 

· Arriving early afternoon in Chebbhi, there will be plenty of opportunity for camel ride excursions, visit the Transport Museum, or simply relaxing at the foot of the magnificent red dunes of Chebbhi

· We will stay overnight in a traditional bivouac/Berber camp

Day 10 

· We travel on tarmac towards the gorges in the Atlas, via Gara de Medouar

· Stay overnight at a small family hotel ‘Le Amis’ at altitude towards the top of Todra Gorge.

Day 11

· Continue north, before traversing the high gorge to gorge off road track, before descending down the famous Dades Gorge

· We’ll drive towards Ouarzazate, staying overnight in a stunning hotel and adjacent to many a famous film set.

Day 12

· After a tour of the film set’s after breakfast, we will drive the mountain Road from Ouarzazate to Marrakesh, before an overnight in a hotel in Morocco’s most bustling city

Day 13

· We will have a morning of leisure in Marrakesh. Despite it not being Morocco’s capital city, it’s a buzzing city and the medina’s shops and smells are a fascination

· We will leave in the afternoon and begin our journey Northwards and hotel in Northern Morocco.

Day 14

· We will arrive in Tanger Med port and catch a morning ferry into Algeciras.

On arriving in Algeciras, our time in Morocco behind us, the journey through Spain and a return to the UK begins. 

Are you ready to start your adventure?