Fly & Drive - Kit

  While we provide some of the essentials, there are a few bits and bobs that will make your time in Morocco more fun. The key is not to overload the vehicles because every extra kilogram counts against you not only in fuel economy but in handling and performance in the sand.

With this in mind, we’ve whittled it down to what we think are the bare essentials you will need in your kit:

Mandatory Personal Kit

  · Occupant’s passports & health card, in addition to having the originals, photocopy everything twice in colour, leave one copy at home and take two copies with you. It’s also worth photographing everything so you have a copy on your smartphone.

· Completed fiches, 20 per person

· Sleeping bag (4 Seasons, this can travel down to Africa in the vehicles if you prefer)

· Head torch/light

· Casual clothes, including a hat, stout boots, sunscreen, anti-bug cream or spray, and any personal medication

Camping Kit (Supplied)

  · Tent

· Good roll mat

· Pillows

· Chairs

Lunch Kit (Supplied)

  · Tea/Coffee brew kit

· 2 x plates

· 2 x bowls

· 2 x cutlery

· 2 x metal cups

· Corkscrew/bottle opener

  · Kitchen roll

The support Vehicles Will Carry The Following:

  · 4 x Sand mats

· Recovery rope and shackles

· Plasma rope extension

· 1 x winch-equipped vehicle


· Satellite Phone 

· 1 x diesel jerry can

· 2 x petrol jerry cans

· Water

· Cooking equipment for guests

· Firepit, charcoal etc

· Tents 

· Composting toilet 

Fly & Drive - Kit