Why Morocco?

  The romance and majesty of the African continent has long made it a mecca for adventurous overlanders, and Morocco’s proximity to the Spanish coast has ensured that it is often the first African country that four-wheel-drive owners consider when they dip their toe in the wild beauty of this haunting continent.

Yet Morocco has much more to offer than convenience. While it is true that the importance of tourism to the country’s economy ensures that the entire infrastructure is geared to making your African adventure as accessible and safe as it can possibly be, the country itself spans the range of geographical features, from lush valleys to endless hamada by way of towering sand dunes, Morocco truly has something for everyone.

For most people, Tangiers will be their first experience of the country; a bustling, thriving tourist port, it is as chaotic and seemingly undisciplined as any you’ll encounter. But, if you take the time to peek behind the curtains, you’ll see that theirs is a gentler, slower way of life, and the only thing to do is to smile and enjoy dealing with folk for whom time assumes a different dimension. 

So, turn off your engine, get out of your vehicle, smile and shake their hand. Moroccans are in less of a hurry than us Brits, and slowing down and taking the time to observe the social niceties will endear you to them.

From a perspective like this, you can feel yourself relaxing, your smile broadening, and your cares slipping away. After all, the only thing on today’s agenda is to make it to your evening stop…

Are you ready to start your adventure?